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Again this can vary greatly from person to person, but, as a guide please take a look below

  1. If you smoke 0-3 cigarettes a day - we recommend 0mg and a 10ml bottle would last 7-14 days
  2. If you smoke 3-9 cigarettes a day - we recommend 6mg/8mg and a 10ml bottle would last 5-12 days
  3. If you smoke 9-18 cigarettes a day - we recommend 8mg/12mg and a 10ml bottle would last 5-10 days
  4. If you smoke 18-25 cigarettes a day - we recommend 16mg/18mg and a 10ml bottle would last 5-10 days
  5. If you smoke 25+ cigarettes a day - we recommend 24mg and a 10ml bottle would last 5-10 days

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Sadly we can no longer accept payments via Paypal due to them no longer processing payments for vaping products.

An E-Cig or an Electronic Cigarette is a device that delivers the 'nicotine hit' to you without using tobacco and therefore you only get the nicotine and not the other tar, harmful substances and chemicals that are contained in a regular cigarette! An E-cigarette is 99% safer than regular cigarettes.

An Electronic Cigarette normally consists of a battery - these are the powerhouse of the unit, different sizes are available for more power and long times between charging. Batteries normally take 2-3 hours to charge fully. They can be charged approximately 300 times.

A Clearomizer - these are normally a see through plastic capsule that contains an atomiser which heats the liquid and turns it to vapour. These are available in different sizes to allow for more liquid storage and better vapour. Clearomizers will eventually burn out and need to be replaced on average once a month (prices start around £4.99)

E-Liquid - The liquid is poured carefully into your Clearomizer (avoiding the central vent). E-Liquids or Juices are available in many flavours including various Tobacco, Mint Menthol and Fruit flavours. All come in a variety of strengths - 0mg = No Nicotine, 6mg = Low Strength Lights, 12mg = Medium Low, 18mg = Medium, 24mg = High Strength. The most popular strength is 18mg and one 10ml bottle generally last approximately 1 week for someone that normally smokes 20 a day! You can smoke for only £4.99 a week!!!

This varies greatly depending on what brand of normal cigarettes you smoke and how many based on an average price of £7 per pack and smoking 20 a day - At the moment you will be paying £49 per week but by swapping to one of our E-Cigarettes on average you would save 90% or £44 per week!!!

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