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Warning: Nicotine is a poison. Nicotine is harmful. Keep out of reach of children and keep locked away in a safe place. If any nicotine product is accidentally consumed, seek medical advice immediately.

About Cig Ease

At 'Cig-Ease' we understand how difficult it is to simply walk away from the pleasure of smoking! And yes it is a pleasure but unfortunately the world insists on telling us that it shouldn't be! So we are here to supply you, our customer, with a great range of alternatives

With our E-cigs we are all once more allowed to enjoy the relaxing pleasures of smoking without those nasty smells and dirty ash stains, without upsetting others, and we can enjoy these pleasures just about anywhere at any time! Like so many others we are tired of companies telling us lies and selling us inferior and dishonest products so at 'Cig-Ease' we are totally committed to supplying true quality products, with honest advice and at real value for your money!